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The Led Zeppelin Show proudly uses Custom Guitar Workshop guitars and basses.
The only official Led Zeppelin website (beware of fakes!!!)
Grant's Photography Website
Robert Plant official website
John Paul Jones official website
Jason Bonham official website

Great site listing all types of Aussie tribute and cover bands

See how Australia's best Zep tribute stacks up against the rest of the world. Just click on the drop down and choose.

A great International Tribute band site

Sponsored by Jimmy Page. This fine group of folks helps disadvantaged kids in Brazil. ZEPPELIN LIVE heartily endorse this worthwhile charity. Please support this organisation.

A Top Class fan site relating to all things Zeppelin

A great site where you can pick up some great deals on Zep (and other cool bands) merchandise

A great on line Zep Magazine. All the latest news and info on the world's best ever band

Learn to play Led Zeppelin songs on guitar with our tabs, chords and free guitar lesson videos

Has lots of music stuff including video clips, sounds, lyrics to every song, tabs, forum, chat, and images with over 100 different music groups including Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Aerosmith, Blink 182, and of course, Led Zeppelin

A website dedicated to the various drum sets and equipment used by John Bonham during his life and career, including of course his time in Led Zeppelin.


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